Effective as of September 1, 2021

I. Visiting Hours and conditions of conduct:

EHMP is open to guests from 7 am to 5 pm, Mondays to Sundays.
Family and friends visiting a gravesite may use candles while present. Upon leaving the gravesite, only flowers may be left on the grave. Other items such as LED lights, flowerpots and other personal effects shall be set aside and stored for the guest to retrieve within 3 months. Unclaimed items shall be donated to a nearby church.

Families celebrating a marked occasion such as the birth or death anniversary of a loved one may borrow a small tent for a maximum of two (2) hours upon visit. Confirmation of the tent’s availability will be given by EHMP admin two (2) days prior to the scheduled activity and shall be based on availability due to the number of interments on said date.

Joggers and other non-clients may enter EHMP to enjoy the facility upon logging in and leaving a valid identification card at the main gate.

Loud music is not allowed within EHMP premises.


Littering is strictly prohibited. Anyone caught littering shall be asked by our roving guard to throw away their trash properly in our trash bins. Violators shall have their identification cards surrendered to the barangay hall with an accompanying complaint from EHMP and will be fined P1,000.00.

Sleeping within EHMP premises is strictly prohibited.

Selling of any goods within EHMP premises is strictly prohibited.

During ECQ:

  • EHMP will be closed to the public during ECQ.
  • Manpower will be limited to only 30% of the regular number of workers except for the interment staff. Additional
    manpower may be required to come in if there is a need due to the high number of interments.
  • Interment parties may be allowed in 15 minutes prior to the appointed time. A total of ten (10) family members and
    friends, together with at most five (5) memorial service staff including the hearse drive, may be allowed within the
    park premises at a time. Other guests may wait at the open area outside the gate and may enter in turn when the first ten (10) guests exit the premises.
  • At need clients will be allowed to enter to make a payment and choose their plot but all other paperwork must be transacted with their own agent prior to coming inside EHMP.
  • Other than those stated above, only those with appointments approved by Management may enter.
  • During MECQ, the park will be open to gravesite visitors, lot purchase clients with their agents and contracted workers for both EHMP and its clients. Joggers and non-clients will still be off-limits at this time.

II. Conditions on Mausoleum and Other Above Ground Structure:

All above ground structure must always be kept clean and in good condition. The family of unkept structures shall be notified beforehand and will be given fifteen (15) days to comply with the cleanliness and structural integrity as required by EHMP. Otherwise, EHMP admin shall be forced to implement the following measures:

  1. Plants, lawn grass and trees that are overgrown shall be trimmed/pruned by our personnel and will be charged to the
    plot owner’s family at P2,000 per occasion.
  2. Structural deficiencies shall be addressed temporarily by EHMP and will be charged to the owner of the unkept
    structure. Pricing will depend on the extent of renovation or preventive measures.
  3. EHMP shall repair dilapidated structures causing open niches and the like with basic and temporary measures. If the
    structure can no longer be fixed with such, it shall be demolished by EHMP but will keep the actual grave/s intact, all
    at the account of the family.
  4. Family estate owners who have used any part of the property for interment shall be given up to one (1) year from the date of interment to put up the mausoleum structure.
  5. Installation of electrical appliances must be approved by our in-house engineer and will be at the account of the client.
  6. Structures must stay within the parameters of their purchased lots only without touching the easement areas surrounding the property.

III. Conditions on Grass Maintenance:

  1. All underground interments are maintained under the Perpetual Care system that includes general lawn mowing, watering of grass and keeping the grounds green and healthy, weather-permitting.
  2. Special care is not allowed. All our grounds personnel are employed to work in our park and are not allowed to accept any contract with lot owners for “special care”.
  3. EHMP reserves the right to maintain all grounds clean, green, manicured and uniform as management sees fit.

EHMP reserves the right to modify and execute the park rules & regulations to serve our clients and their families, without prior notice.

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