Effective January 1, 2022

I. Visiting Hours and conditions of conduct:

EHMP is open to only up to 100 guests at a time from 7 am to 5 pm during ECQ and MECQ. There will be an
implemented card queueing system for all individuals to enter. Only up to 100 additional visitors may be
allowed to wait by the gate in their vehicles or on foot until queueing cards are available.

Each visiting party may stay for a maximum of two (2) hours only. Each guest will be escorted by the roving
guard to the gravesite.

Interment parties may be allowed in 15 minutes prior to schedule. A cumulative of ten (10) family members and friends only may be allowed to the burial site together with at most five (5) memorial service staff when the first fifty (50) guests exit the premises.

Sales agents and their clients will be allowed in the park to transact their business. Sales agents without
clients will not be allowed in the park.

Clients’ contractors and EHMP contractors may resume work provided that they submit a list of workers with a clean bill of health proof.

Joggers and other non-clients may not enter EHMP during MECQ.

Sleeping within EHMP premises is strictly prohibited.

Selling of any goods within EHMP premises is strictly prohibited. Seller will be escorted out of the premises with all their belongings and will no longer be allowed entry.

Other than the parties stated above, only those with appointments approved by Management may enter.

In the event of an official holiday after the ECQ/MECQ period, only one admin staff may be allowed to come in to work.

EHMP also reserves the right to modify and execute park rules and regulations that will be best to serve our clients and their families, without prior notice.

For your guidance.
Park Management

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