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Payment Terms

Computation Factors:
1. Net Lot Price (NLP) is the actual price of the lot/property.
2. Lot Price (LP) is the NLP inclusive of twelve percent (12%) value added tax.
3. Perpetual Care Fund (PCF) is the maintenance fund for electricity, water, basic grass & security services. The amount of the PCF depends on the NLP.
4. Contract Price (CP) is total amount of the LP plus the PCF.
Short Term Payment Options:
5. Spot Cash Payment SC30 – CP payable within thirty (30) days. A fifteen percent (15%) discount on the LP is applied.
6. Spot Cash Payment  SC60 – CP payable within sixty (60) days. A five percent (5%) discount on the LP is applied.
7. Spot Cash Payment SC90 – CP payable within ninety (90) days.
8. Failure to pay within the period provided will cause the waiver of the discount on the LP; PROVIDED that, should full payment be made thereafter and within a period where a discount is applied, the rate of discount applicable to that period will be given. 
9. A five percent (5%) penalty fee shall be applied to overdue payments.
10. No discount on the PCF.
Installment Payment Options:
11. Lot/s purchased may be paid within 12, 24, 36, 48 or 60 months at eighteen percent (18%) interest per annum; PROVIDED that, a full downpayment equivalent to twenty percent (20%) of the LP and one hundred percent (100%) of the PCF is made within sixty (60) days from date of reservation; PROVIDED further that, a five percent (5%) penalty fee for every month of delinquency will be applied to payments made beyond the period granted; PROVIDED finally that, accounts delinquent in payment for at least three (3) months will be charged an additional six percent (6%) interest per annum, exclusive of the five percent (5%) penalty fee.
12. Prior interest payment on the remainder of the term that has been un-used shall not be credited to pre-payments made before the lapse of the period granted.
General Terms and Conditions:
13. Reservation of lot/s must be made in the buyer’s name only. Transfer of Rights fees shall apply to any change in the recorded buyer, as follows:
          i. FIVE THOUSAND (Php5,000.00) per lawn lot;
         ii. TEN THOUSAND (Php10,000.00) per memorial / presidential court; and
         iii. TWENTY THOUSAND (Php20,000.00) per family estate.
14. Prices do not include interment fees and other services.
15. Lot reservations verbally made shall be accommodated for only 24 hours. Reservations may be accommodated for up to sixty (60) days provided that a reservation fee of ONE THOUSAND PESOS (Php1,000.00) is made. The reservation fee will be forfeited upon the lapse of the reservation period without a purchase being made; Provided that, should a purchase be made within the reservation period, the reservation fee shall be credited in favor of the buyer.
16. All payments should be made in the head office at Everest Hills Susana & Mapagong. Union Bank post-dated checks are preferred.
17. Management has the discretion to change the prices, terms and conditions of payment without need of prior notice.

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