Interment usage per lot

I. Underground Interment

II. Other Services

A. Transfer of Vault / Bone within the Park
B. Transfer of Two(2) Vaults / Bone within the Park
C. Exhumed Body from Vault
D. Exhumed Bone / Cremated Remains
E. Bone Rider
F. Interment Documentation
G. Marble Markers
H. Tent and Chair Rentals

1. Tents and chairs rentals are subject to availability of tents and chairs.
2. All interment fees must be paid in full at least (48) forty eight hours before the scheduled time
of interment (except from the Gardens of Tranquility, Ascension and Resurrection which
requires 72 hours before the scheduled interment). Beyond this, an overtime fee will be charged.
3. Prices may change without prior notice.

Need to make arrangements? Please call (+632) 891-5977